TNG v.3
User Manual

1.3 Terms and abbreviations

Below is the list of terms and abbreviations used in this user manual.
Refers to employees (e.g. therapists, trainers, etc.), premises, and facilities (e.g. equipment necessary to perform treatments) registered in the system.
An individual receiving services offered. For example, guests may hold spa packages entitling them to receive a range of specific services.
Treatments to be provided to guests. Treatments may include diverse therapies (including medical ones) tailored to a guest. Each treatment is targeted on specific concerns of the guest to help attain personal wellness goals.
The term “service” may be also used when referring to a group training (see below).
A spa package comprising a number of diverse services due to a guest.
PMS System
A property management system. It is a hotel automation system that enables a hotel or group of hotels to manage reservations, guest check-in/check-out, payment processing, room assignment, billing, and other hotel’s day-to-day operations.
PMS package
A spa package registered in the PMS system.
Recurring time periods in which different groups of resources provide services in relay.
For example, in terms of therapists or trainers, the term “shift” implies designated hours of work, with a designated beginning time and quitting time.
A designated period of spare time during which a resource is supposed to be unoccupied.
A booking method applied by the operator and resulting in a situation where a resource must accept more reservations of guests than it usually can. It is actually an irregular case when the resource is overloaded with booked services.
Services booked for guests.
Group trainings
A time-bound exercise session provided to a group of guests by a certified trainer and aimed at increasing overall athletic performance.
A document that lists treatments, services and merchandise provided to a guest, as well as their quantity, price, and total amount due for payment.
Another payment document generated by the system that lists treatments, services and merchandise provided to a guest, as well as their quantity, price, and total amount due for payment. An invoice can include items from one or multiple checks.
A means of access to spa facilities that identifies a guest, as well as the guest’s status.
A record that keeps track of a guest’s finances.
A certificate that entitles a guest to discounts, free packages or to a certain budget that can be spent on spa services.
A package of services sold to guests as a single unit, usually at a discount price.
A contract for a certain time period (1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc.) that entitles a guest to access to the spa facilities. As a rule, a membership includes a package of treatments that a guest can get during the membership period, as well as other perks and benefits.
Customer Relationship Management. The system features a CRM module that allows you to efficiently manage your relations with guests, organize and keep track of your interactions with them.